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Take Care Advisor

Geriatric Care Management

Take CareAdvisor’s professional, experienced Registered Nurse Geriatric Care Managers oversee and manage one’s total health care, including crisis prevention and planning.  Navigating today’s health care system is a complex challenge as a result of many unrelated providers, services, alternatives, and insurance programs that comprise the health care industry.

Take Care Advisor’s geriatric care management services were developed with this in mind. Our objective is to assist older adults and their families in managing and navigating the issues they will face as they age.

Our Answer to Your Care Management Needs

Clients are comforted by knowing that professional support and coordination from Take Care Advisor’s RN Geriatric Care Managers are available on a routine basis, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, or in the event of a crisis to ease any one’s concerns. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients and their families with unbiased professional guidance and comprehensive geriatric care management services.

Our Program

Take Care Advisor’s geriatric care management services are non-medical. Our geriatric care managers, who are registered nurses, are equipped with the knowledge and background to holistically support, advise, and be an advocate for one’s health and well-being situation. They manage and navigate the client’s health care system and ancillary services, from doctor’s appointments to their private duty home health care services. In addition, RN Geriatric Care Managers assist with creating specialized health care planning.

Take Care Advisor services include, but are not limited to, professional geriatric care assessments, health insurance reviews, placement assistance, crisis intervention, all using an internet-based system that assures quality services through a system of best practices. Take Care Advisor acts as the client advocate and liaison between clients and their families.

Our services are designed to meet the individual’s needs and goals and our services are adaptable to their changing health. Take Care Advisor’s programs are flexible and require no long-term commitment.

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"They've [Take Care Advisor] allowed my mother to stay in her home, which is important because she doesn’t want to move. Take Care Advisor has also helped us stay ahead of the next thing in regards to her health."

~ Patricia Wiley (Sarasota Herald Tribune)