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With a focus on client care, compassion, expertise, and technology, Take Care helps clients and their families navigate the complexities of aging. Our comprehensive and fully personalized services provide support for your current and future healthcare needs.

Founded in 1995, Take Care continues to be nurse-focused and family owned and operated by Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, alongside her daughters, Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, and Erika Wise Borland, MA.

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Tammy Herman RN MSN Retires from Take Care Advisor

Reflections about How Care Management Makes a Difference in Clients’ Lives

We recently visited with Tammy Herman, RN, MSN, who will be retiring from Take Care Advisor this month. Tammy joined Take Care Advisor as an RN Care Manager in 2017. She was promoted to Geriatric Care Manager Supervisor in March of 2019 and then Director of Take Care Advisor in July of 2021.

Throughout her tenure with Take Care, Tammy has been a dedicated medical advocate and proactive resource for our clients, teams of nurses, and our company overall. Tammy’s prior experience in management, home care, and long term care administration honed and developed her leadership and mentoring skills through a nursing career that has spanned 33 years.

Having supported clients and their family members for more than three decades, Tammy’s caring heart and special ability to effectively connect the dots have made a difference in so many individual lives – their health and quality of life. When we asked Tammy to reflect on her nursing career and experience in care management, she shared a few thoughts about what she’ll remember most fondly about her time with Take Care:

I will remember that Take Care truly is a family. It is a family business, but the team is also family. We treat each client like they are family members as well.

Sue, Courtney, and Erika really care for clients and team members – we all do. The collaboration between our geriatric care management and home health operations has made for a great working environment for our team members – in addition to being beneficial for our clients’ well-being.

I worked in the not-for-profit healthcare industry previously and always appreciated how client-centered it was. We operate in the same way at Take Care. We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs, from routine appointments to helping coordinate maintenance items at their home, to stepping in to avoid or help navigate life-threatening emergencies. I’ve found some are surprised that we are not only a resource for medical crises or end-of-life planning; care management also helps our clients navigate “normal” everyday life.

We don’t take the place of a family, but we do become an intricate part of the client’s life. For some clients, we are their chosen and trusted “in case of emergency contact” or medical advocate. Some clients seek out a relationship with Take Care Advisor because they do not have any living family members. In other cases, even with family involved, it may be preferred to have a neutral party. Our clients enjoy the confidence that their matters will stay private as they age or circumstances transition.

I’ve found it’s been important to many of those we serve that they were able to establish a relationship with their provider of choice proactively. Having a liaison and specially trained advocate by their side in advance of a difficult diagnosis, or prior to a decline in health, allows our clients to be in control of their health and provides great comfort.

It's been wonderful to work so closely with medical and healthcare administrative professionals throughout Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice doctor offices, hospitals, assisted living facilities (ALF), and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). These local providers are familiar to us and with us, so I will personally miss working together on behalf of our clients. (I always like to clarify that Take Care Advisor doesn’t make decisions for clients, we help them ask the right questions and understand all their options. Our team’s medical knowledge can help bridge communication between medical professionals and clients.)

Personally, I will miss coming to the office and spending time day-to-day with the Take Care team, but, outside of some remarkable cruises we have planned, I won’t be going far. I look forward to enjoying my retirement years exploring the world with my husband. But one key aspect we have planned for personally enables us to do so confidently… I’m fortunate enough to have my 88-year-old mother nearby in Bradenton. Since she personally chose to become a Take Care Advisor client, I have confidence this team of geriatric care managers will always be able to liaise on her behalf if any medical needs or emergencies were to develop when I’m out of town. Having this type of “backup” partnership allows me to continue supporting my mom while also enabling more carefree travel around the world. Thanks to modern technologies and 24/7 telephonic support, I know my mom will always be in good hands.

Thank you, Tammy, for all your hard work, mentorship of others, and the expert care and guidance you have provided our clients. We appreciate your contributions and wish you all the best for a wonderful retirement.

Don’t worry, Take Care will always be just a phone call away for you and your family. For now, safe travels and take care!