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We are here to help.

With a focus on client care, compassion, expertise, and technology, Take Care helps clients and their families navigate the complexities of aging. Our comprehensive and fully personalized services provide support for your current and future healthcare needs.

Founded in 1995, Take Care continues to be nurse-focused and family owned and operated by Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, alongside her daughters, Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, and Erika Wise Borland, MA.

Please call us at (941) 927-2292 or send a message. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to learn more about your needs and explain how Take Care can help you or your loved ones.   

Madison Borland looks comfy at grandma Sue Wise's desk at Take Care

Take Your Child to Work Day 2023: Madison Borland Joins Her Family at Take Care

While Take Your Child to Work Day is an annual tradition, held on the 4th Thursday of April each year, it was the first year the third-grader Madison Borland “qualified” to participate based on her school guidelines.  
Madison is no stranger to the Take Care family. In fact, her family IS the Take Care family. Her father Matt Borland serves as Director of Business Operations, her mother Erika Wise Borland is Vice President, her aunt Courtney Wise Synder is President, and her grandma Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA – who founded the company in 1995 – continues to serve as CEO. 
Today Madison learned that her mom and dad work closely together with her aunt and grandma as they lead Take Care’s business operations, new services, and marketing team members. Together, they help ensure systems and workflows are effective, scheduling is meeting the needs of our clients and caregivers, and that individuals know about Take Care services whenever a need arises for care.   
Since part of Erika’s role is explaining why Take Care is different and how personalized care can make a difference in one's life, and the lives of their loved ones, Madison was given a special assignment to answer the question “How does Take Care help people?”  
Take Care helps people when they can’t help themselves.

When someone gets hurt, or has surgery and you just need help, Take Care can take out the trash, make a meal, or do anything. Take Care is here to help.

I’m proud that my family helps people! My Dad, my Mom, my Aunt, and most importantly, my Grandma!

By Madison Borland 
Age 9 
Madison continued to explore her creative writing skills this afternoon while working alongside her dad. She added a few additional observations:  
Everyone in Take Care is as sweet as candy.  
My parents do a lot for Take Care. 
My family helps other families! 
We have to agree with the nine-year-old's insights!